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About Teksupport

Teksupport was founded in 2007 in the spirit of sharing experience-based knowledge that hopefully will save hours of hopeless wait on tech support lines for the home technology enthusiast . Teksupport is based in Columbia, Maryland, USA. (click here for map).


It is largely the experience of an individual with over 20 years of experience in implementing home computer and technology solutions - starting from the days when personal computers had a 'whopping' 10MB hard disk and 384K of memory, and 9600 baud modem was considered high speed!



Teksupport Experience

Teksupport's hands-on implementation and usage experience includes the following:


Personal Computers


HP Desktops (Pentium 4 through Quad-Core)

Compaq Desktop (Celeron)

Dell Desktops (Pentium 4, 5)

Custom built Desktops (x286 through Pentium 5)

HP Laptops

HP Tablet PC

Custom built Laptops

HP Windows Home Server


Operating Systems

Windows Vista 32 and 64

Windows XP (Home, Professional, Media Center Edition)

Windows Home Server

Windows Millenium

Windows 98, 98SE

Windows 95

Windows 3.11

Windows 2.0

Dos 3.0-7.0


Computer Peripherals

Multi-function Printers, All-in-Ones

HP Deskjet series

HP Officejet series

HP Photo printers

Epson Photo printer

HP Scanjet 4C

HP Photoscanner

Canopus Audio/Video Capture ADVC-110

Dazzle Video Creator DVC150

VisonTek Video Capture USB-650

Hauppage WinTV PVR-150, PVR-500

External USB Disk Drives


Logitech Webcams

Microsoft Webcams



ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Editor

AVS Video Suite (Converter, Editor, DVD Authoring)

Camtasia Studio version 6

Pinnacle Studio versions 8 through 12

Elecard Converter Studio (HD)

Nero Suite versions 6 through 9

ImToo Video Converter

Roxio Creator


DVD Decrypter

DVD Shrink


Cute PDF Professional

Cute FTP Client

Apache HTTP Server

Bullet Proof FTP Server

FrontPage 2000

Expression Web 3

MS Office Suite 2000, 2003, 2007



Other Computer-related Gizmos

iPhone, iPhone 3GS

HP/Compaq PDA (Windows Mobile)

BlackBerry Bold

Palm Treo


MP3 Players


Networking Equipment

Linksys Router (BEFSR41)

Linksys Wireless Access Points (WAP, WAP54G)

Linksys Wireless Ethernet Bridge (WET11)

Linksys Ethernet Hub

ActionTec Wireless Router (from Verizon FiOS)

DLink Wireless Print Server (DPR-1260)

Trendnet Wireless Access Point (54G)

Panasonic Network Camera (KX-HCM10)

DLink Network Camara (DCS-1000W)

Linksys VoIP Adapter (from Lingo VoIP provider)


Home Automation

X-10 Lighting Controller

X-10 Lighting Control Modules

X-10 Appliance Control Modules

X-10 Accessory Modules




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