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Welcome to Teksupport's NEW and IMPROVED website....launched Nov 4, 2009


So...what's different about Teksupport website?

One word - DETAILS! As they say, details are the difference between excellence and mediocrity. And that applies to information as well.


So...what can Teksupport do for you?

Teksupport's main mission is to share experience-based knowledge on home high-tech. You can also contact Teksupport for solutions to specific problems you face.


Information provided on this website is based on knowledge gained from actually implementing and using home high-technology solutions that work rock-solid and are user-friendly. Home Technology is not just about computers and cell phones, though they dominate the home environment. Home Technology also includes home automation, home security, and home energy management. At the end of the day, home technology is all about enjoyable and safe living ... with minimal utility and energy consumption and costs. 


'Smart Home', 'Intelligent Home', 'Home of the Future' are terms that are used commonly to describe homes that are 'wired' to utilize state-of-the-art technologies in improving comfort of living and energy consumption efficiency. Increasing use of wireless technologies necessitates the use of the term wired within quotes. Advent and adoption of new devices like Apple's iPhone blur the boundary between cell phones, computers, and PDA's - and bring hitherto unthought of  possibilities into the Home Technology equation.  The intent of the information provided in this website is not necessarily to be 'at the cutting edge' but to share many of years of implementation experience and to enable the enthusiast arrive at reliable, usable, and enjoyable solutions.


It is recognized that some details on this website may be dated given the constant evolution of home technology. However, many of the concepts and ideas should carry through at least a couple of generations of technological advancement.



DISCLAIMER: While information provided in this WEBsite is based on actual implementations, no warranties of any kind are being made or implied.